Become a business partner

The ERGO Group's procurement department works with Coupa, a cloud-based eProcurement platform.

Go through the following registration process to become a business partner of the ERGO Group.

Registration process

Please send an email with your company profile and contact details to procurement@ergohellas.gr. After successful pre-qualification, you will receive an invitation to register on our eProcurement platform Coupa.

You should ensure that you can receive emails from the following senders and that they do not end up in your spam folder:

@supplier.coupahost.com and @ergo.coupahost.com

Upon receipt, confirm the invitation and register on the platform.

Store your profile data there. For details, please see our instructions.

Complete and upload the documents that require your signature to our eProcurement platform Coupa.

You can find all the necessary documents for cooperation in our download box.

Do you have any questions? Please write to procurement@ergohellas.gr.

Download Box

Conditions of Purchase

Here you will find all the necessary documents for cooperation in their current version: