Business partner

The ERGO Group is constantly on the lookout for new and qualified suppliers who also attach great importance to a long-term relationship based on partnership.

Procurement principles

As a global group, the ERGO Group Procurement buys many different goods and services worldwide. We procure on the basis of best total value, i.e. in terms of quality, time and cost, and adhere to compliance principles at all times. In this way, our procurement de-partments throughout the Group help to make a significant and sustainable contribution to the success of the ERGO Group.

At all locations and along the entire value chain, a high sense of responsibility towards the company is the benchmark for our procurement activities. Environmental and social aspects as well as aspects of corporate governance (ESG: Environment, Social and Gov-ernance) play a decisive role for us. Therefore, we also hold our suppliers accountable for sustainable business practices.

Sustainability and transparency along the value chain are just as crucial for successful cooperation with us as price or quality. These principles apply to all business units of our parent company MunichRe.

In addition to registering on our eProcurement platformcompliance with the principles of the Global Compact and agreement to the Anti-Corruption Agreement are also necessary as a first step in order to consider you as a potential supplier.